Zapier allows you to connect all your applications to Ksaar without coding

Why use Zapier with Ksaar? 

Zapier allows you to connect all your existing tools to your software created on Ksaar, in just a few clicks and without coding. You can also create complex scenarios for the automation of time-consuming tasks. 

How to connect Zapier to Ksaar? 

For the moment, the Zapier module of Ksaar is not public. If you wish to use it, start by creating an account on Ksaar -free for life-, you will then receive an email containing the contact details of a person who will be able to give you the appropriate link. 

What are the possible actions of Ksaar on Zapier? 

Here is a non-exhaustive and constantly evolving list of Ksaar's actions on Zapier:

- Create a Record

- Delete Record

- Get a Record

- Get a User

- List Records

- List Users

- List Workflows

- Make an API Call

- Update a Record

- Update a User

- Watch Records

- Watch Records Update

- Watch Users

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