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Frustrated with developing the same features over and over again for clients in a hurry to work only for big companies. Marouan wanted to make tech history.

Frustrated by having to deal with overpriced providers who speak their own jargon and who always deliver late because of the difficult collaboration with tech providers. Benoît-Marie wanted to break the dependence on developers.

So we created

Our mission is to give back to the business the autonomy lost to the detriment of the technique. We are democratising, or at least going to great lengths to do so, the creation of business software worthy of the Gafa, but more responsibly!

Benoît-Marie Flach

Co-Founder & CEO

Marouan Cheikh

Co-Founder & CTO

We work in a caring and autonomous way! We recruit the most motivated people of each generation with the ambition to make them progress in contact with our requirements and those of our clients :)

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