Google Sheets

Create, edit, and share spreadsheets anywhere with Google Sheets and get automated insights from your data.

Why connect Google Sheets to Ksaar? 

Connecting Google Sheets to Ksaar allows you to :

  • Create an application on Ksaar based on a Google Sheets file
  • Transfer all data from a Google Sheets file to a Ksaar application
  • Synchronise data from a Google Sheet file with data from a Ksaar application in real time

How do I connect Ksaar to Google Sheets? 

To do this, start by creating an account on Ksaar -free for life-. 

There are several solutions: you can use the Add On Ksaar for Google Workplace that we provide in the application library, use Zapier or Make (ex Integromat) or use the Ksaar and Google Sheets API. If you are unable to do this, please contact us!

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