Stripe makes it possible to offer payment forms by card or via SEPA direct debit, in one go or recurrently, very easily and without coding

What is the purpose of the Stripe integration with Ksaar? 

This no-code integration allows you to set up powerful payment forms in a few clicks that accept payment by card or SEPA direct debit, in all countries of the world, in one go or by subscription. You can natively create such forms on Ksaar, very quickly. The funds are then transferred to your account within a few days. 

How do I set up a Stripe payment on Ksaar? 

To set up a payment module, create an account on Ksaar -free- and on Stripe -free- then go to any type of page. Then choose the "Payment field" or "Recurring payment field" item and click on the "Associate a Stripe account" button, then let yourself be guided. 

It takes only a few minutes and allows powerful settings. 

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