YOUSIGN: the easy-to-use, legally binding, code-free ESignature solution for all your documents.

What is the purpose of Yousign's connection with Ksaar?

Yousign is a powerful electronic signature tool that enables the legal validation of a document's electronic signature with a proof file that can be used against a judge. 

Within Ksaar, you will find an "Electronic signature" action that uses Yousign and allows you to sign and have signed all types of documents, including complex workflows involving the signature of several natural or legal persons. 

How to set up the Yousign connection in Ksaar? 

The connection with Yousign is made within the "Electronic signature" action on Ksaar. To access it, start by creating an account on Ksaar (free for life) and then create an account on Yousign (40 days free). 

Then, go to a workflow, create an "Electronic signature" action and enter the Yousign API key in the appropriate place. Finally, set up the action (without coding, very simply) and you're done!


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