Make (ex Integromat) allows you to connect all types of tools to Ksaar, without coding.

What is the purpose of integrating Make with Ksaar? 

Make allows you to connect all your applications quickly and easily, without coding. Make allows you to integrate all your tools and manage your processes on a single platform. You can choose from thousands of ready-made application integrations or connect to any online application with this powerful no-code tool.

Make also allows you to create workflows such as "Do this action every day at this time" for example.

How to connect Make with Ksaar? 

To start, create an account on Ksaar and then on Make. To obtain access to the Ksaar integration on Make and your credentials, contact us to request them. You will receive the contact details of one of our customer successes by email immediately after creating your account. 

What Ksaar integrations are possible on Make?

Here is a list of possible integrations, we regularly add new ones:

- Create a Record

- Delete Record

- Get a Record

- Get a User

- List Records

- List Users

- List Workflows

- Make an API Call

- Update a Record

- Update a User

- Watch Records

- Watch Records Update

- Watch Users

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